SPYDER Trades is the flagship trading research service led by veteran trader and trained educator Ben Sturgill.

The service is designed to enable traders of varied abilities and experience to identify and execute high-conviction stock and options trades with confidence and precision.

SPYDER Trades members have the distinct advantage of knowing when Wall Street’s most successful traders are building a max-conviction position, as indicated by anonymous high-risk, high-reward, large sized options trades betting on a quick move on a specific stock (also referred to as a “Stealth Sweep” or “Shadow Signal”).

Ben Sturgill’s real money trading performance based specifically on this activity has generated a win rate of over 80%, and an average profit of over 70% on those winners*

As shown below, these signals are often a leading indicator of an upcoming move (up or down) in a stock.  Whether used as a source of trade ideas, or as a check that big money isn’t betting against an existing position or planned trade, knowing how the “smart-money” is betting is a crucial component of any serious long-term trading strategy.

recent signals:

*Past performance is never a guarantee of future results and should not be interpreted as typical.  Reported track record is based on the real-money entry and exits of each of Ben’s alerted SPYDER Trades (over 130 trades) over a 6 month span from June through December of 2023.

*Past performance is never a guarantee of future results and should not be interpreted as typical.  Reported track record is based on the real-money entry and exits of each of Ben’s alerted SPYDER Trades (over 130 trades) over a 6 month span from June through December of 2023.

With over 2 decades of market experience, tech entrepreneur and trader Ben Sturgill is on a mission to level the playing field for everyday traders… By leveraging a groundbreaking technological edge to beat the wealthy elite and Wall Street insiders at their own game.
Ben Sturgill
Pro Daily Option Trader

What's Included

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Ben’s Dynamic Watchlist shows each of the top Stealth Sweeps that Ben has identified for a possible trade.

It includes the stock, the reasons he likes the trade, the exact options contract Ben’s aiming to enter, his target entry price…

It even shows how close the trade is to triggering with clear color-coding, so members instantly know which trade ideas are closest to target entry!

The SPYDER Scanner shows the unusual and anonymous options trades that are most commonly associated with insider bets on an upcoming move.

The scanner shows the stock, the trade size, and even the date by which the move needs to happen in order for the big bet to pay off.

Members receive real-time trade alerts directly from Ben whenever he’s setting up a real-money position based on the Stealth Sweeps he’s tracking.

And even if he’s not able take a trade himself, he still notifies members when he’s seeing smart-money activity that he thinks is worth paying attention to!

Live Trading, Scanner call-outs, Options Strategy Discussions, Lessons, and more, ALL LIVE!  The SPYDER Member chat room is where it all goes down

Ben and his team join SPYDER members for live webinars 5-6 times per week, and the chat is open throughout the trading day!

SPYDER Trades is THE place to learn to trade Options! With a MASSIVE collection of recorded lessons, and a chance to join Ben LIVE each Wednesday and ask questions at the Midweek Mentoring Session, SPYDER Trades members have everything they need to begin or advance their Options trading journey.

Part-time traders benefit from access to the Dynamic Watchlist (a quick-reference, one-stop idea generation tool) and Ben’s real-money trade alerts, while full-time traders can take full advantage of all-day access to the SPYDER Scanner & Live Chat Room.

Experienced traders have live access to Ben and his SPYDER team and the chance to ask questions about trade-management strategy and options trading techniques, while newer traders have the opportunity to learn from Ben’s Stock Options Boot Camp and expansive training library.

SPYDER Trades is simply the best single source of Stock Options Alerts, Idea Generation and Education available ANYWHERE!

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For best available pricing on access, call or text the SPYDER VIP Concierge team: (855) 997-4432

All content on this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only.

The material on this website is not to be construed as (i) a recommendation to buy or sell securities, (ii) investment advice, or (iii) a representation that the investments being discussed are suitable or appropriate for any person.  No representation is being made that following Spyder Trades strategies will guarantee a particular outcome or result in profits.  The price and value of stocks may fluctuate depending upon various market factors, and, as such, the strategies used by Ben Sturgill to adjust for those fluctuations may change without notice.

There are significant risks associated with trading stocks and you must be aware of those risks, and willing to accept them, in order to invest in these markets.  Past performance of any trading system or methodology is not indicative of future results.  You should always conduct your own analysis before making investments.

You should not trade with money you cannot afford to lose and there is a risk that trading stocks will result in a complete loss of your investment.  Trading stocks, particularly penny stocks, is not suitable for everyone and requires hard work, due diligence, capital, and substantial time to monitor the market and timely execute trades.

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