On December 28th, Jeff Zananiri - The Hedge Fund Legend Who Grew $5.1 Million Into $700 Million - Is Revealing The Lucrative Calendar Anomaly That Dates Back to 1925.

The Final Countdown

A Historical Year-End Tax Phenomenon Anyone Can Leverage For a Shot At Repeatable Overnight Gains To Close Out December…

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On December 28th at 12:00pm Eastern, Tim Bohen and Jeff Zananiri are hosting a LIVE briefing to unveil the details behind a year-end stock market phenomenon that no one else is talking about right now.

In short, because of a certain year-end tax law, a small group of stocks will enter into a special “countdown window” at 3:00pm EVERY SINGLE DAY to close out December.

And if you know what to do, you can potentially target 15-20% overnight gains.

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  • How one virtually unknown tax document (form 8949) will spark a flurry of explosive moves leading up to 2024…
  • The obscure “countdown window” that opens up behind the scenes of the stock market that Jeff uses to target 15-20% overnight gains.
  • The shocking evidence of why buying and selling stocks between 9:30 am-3:00pm can be a critical mistake for retail traders…
  • How Jeff and his team of 5 traders were able to grow their hedge fund 13,625% and go 10 years without a single losing quarter… by leveraging Wall Street’s secret “achilles heel”…
  • How you can potentially cash out with an overnight gain the size of 23%, 40%, and even 51% by Thursday morning.

Remember: Because this is a real LIVE broadcast… access to this briefing is limited.

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